Board and Train


Board and Train for a month and receive a discount!

$800 for a 30 day Board and Train!

We also offer multi-dog discounts

Polite Paws Dog Training, LLC's Board and Train℠ Program

Our Board and Train℠ program is $575 for 2 weeks. During this time, your dog will receive daily, constant, and customized training. This ensures you get the results you desire! 3 and 4 week options are available. This program is offered in the comfort of Alisha Smith's home.
They will receive these standard accommodations:

*A guaranteed 20 minute walk in the morning and evening

*A structured day (feeding, training, play, exercise, and more training!) in a home environment to reduce stress

*You will receive daily email updates of the progress your dog is making. As well as step by step instructions on all commands learned and detailed information on any behavior issues we are addressing.

*Your dog will receive plenty of exercise and play as a reward for all the hard work he/she is doing.

*Your dog ultimately becomes a member of our family. Many of our customers have become like family members.

Your dog is NEVER kenneled the entire day. Only when supervision on our end is not adequate (we have to go grocery shopping, etc.) and depending on the dog and what they are use to, they will be kenneled, or confined to one room at night. The reason for kenneling is simply safety. Although we are experts in dog behavior, dogs who become stressed, become unpredictable. It is not safe to leave a dog who is out of his element, alone and free to roam in a foreign environment. We do make many acceptions per the kennel requirement. It will depend on your specific home situation. We want your pet to feel as comfortable as possible during the transition and stay.

Our program covers the following:

*Basic Obedience

*Problem Prevention (jumping, chewing, biting, digging, barking, etc)


*Aggression Issues

*Separation Anxiety

*House Training/Kennel Training

*Advanced Training

*Behavior Modification and much more!

Regardless of what is covered, the training is personalized to each dog. We know that makes a very real difference in how well our dogs learn. Staying in a consistent environment during this process can really make a difference in how effective a training program can be as well. It is also a great option if you want your dog to learn some new things while you are out of town, or just want to make your good dog even better!

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a 1 hour session going over everything your dog learned during their stay with Polite Paws Dog Training, LLC. This will allow you to learn how to take advantage of the training your dog has received. Please contact us for more information!

*Proof of vaccines required. Copies of vaccines are fine and your Veterinarian can even email them to us.