Dog Training


Our training services include:

Problem prevention (barking, jumping, chewing, digging, etc.)
Puppy training
Basic obedience
Intermediate obedience
Advanced obedience
Canine good citizen courses and testing
Basic agility
Behavior modification
Behavior evaluations
Acclimating new pets
Cat training and behavioral problems
Group classes
Aggression behavior modification
Fearful and anxiety-based behaviors

Our pricing:

From basic obedience and puppy training to advanced training, behavioral problems and aggression, Mile High Dog Training charges a flat rate of $55 per session for a maximum of 1 hour for in home dog training. 4 sessions for $175

Group Training - $35 per family (group training consists of meeting with a group of at least 4 families at a park or neutral location, and going over all of the things covered in the basic obedience)

Discounted Package Rates - $175 (4 weeks of sessions, meeting once a week on your preferred day for an hour)